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Our Story


LilyHair was established by Lukee Li and Forest Li who were classmates in the university. Began as a pursuit of passion for women’s beauty and hair restoration, we set up the factory-direct Lily Hair corporation. With over fifteen years’ experience in the human-hair products industry, we are full of confidence to provide the hair products that can 100% satisfy our customers.

Believe it or not, we started out with being the OEM of many American and Korean companies many years ago. Thanks to our expert craftsmanship, quality products and client-centered service, we gained recognition from almost all of your cooperated companies. And in the year of 2002, we set up our own factory and online hair products shop. Believe it or not, through dedication, patience, practice, and a burning passion, we have been successful in establishing several online and physical hair products shops.



After these 15 years'exploration, we have finally grouped our own research team, create our own unique products, strict QC system system and customer-centered service. We take pride in our 100% Virgin Hair wigs, hair extensions and toppers. Most of them are sold to the European and American high-end market.


The quality of our customer service and the quality of the products that we sell are what we prioritize the most, and we guarantee both. We only sell products that we personally believe in. is here to share our years of experience, quality, trust, and love for the art with you.
Let’s help you find the hair of your dreams, today!